For centuries, several, native cultures have been using special herbs that make their sexual performance better. Researchers are currently exploring herbs as penis enlargement methods. Yohimbe is one of the latest products to be used in the West.

This herb’s interest is due to the fact that many men are in search of natural penis enlargement techniques. There are side effects and risks that come with many penis enlargement products, particularly synthetic ones. Penis injections may result in horrible deformities, while penile enlargement surgery is expensive and risky.


The Yohimbe is a tree that is native to Africa. The bark of the tree contains a substance that is also known as Yohimbe. Many manufacturers of penis enlargement products became interested in it because studies show that it is capable of enlarging the blood vessels of the corpus cavernos. This results in an increased blood flow.

This naturally results in an erection that is stronger and larger. Men who have tried Yohimbe containing products state that they have erections that are a lot larger.

Despite the fact that this substance is natural, it has some risks. It can cause alterations in the heart and vascular system. Many people show very little resistance to this effect, so great care must be taken to dose it correctly. The correct dose for one person may be too much for someone else. Huge increases in blood pressure and heart rate may also be seen if incorrect dosages of Yohimbe are taken.

It is important that a doctor be consulted prior to using a Yohimbe product. Men with high blood pressure or weak hearts need to totally avoid it because of its dangerous side effects.