Alcohol and sex often mix, but when it comes to men, that may be a bad thing. Studies have shown that regular alcohol consumption can often lead to the inability to gain an erection. It also reduces the ability to perform effectively. Other affects that alcohol can have on mens sexual health are even more shocking.


Besides ruining performance, alcohol can make a man infertile. It decreases sperm count in men and lower libido. Drinking too much alcohol can also lead to massive depression.  Depression can also lower libido, so this double whammy, so to speak, can complete decimate the ability to desire sex.

Too much alcohol consumption has also been shown to reduce the size of male genitalia.  This reduction in size can also harm self-esteem. Another side effect of alcohol is that it lowers inhibition. This lowered inhibition often leads to making poor decisions and can lead to contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

The effects of alcohol on male sexuality and sexual health do more damage than good. While many think of drinking as a form of liquid courage, studies show that it is more of a liquid problem. Many of the adverse effects can be reversed, but continued over-consumption will continue to make the problem worse.

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease in itself. If you feel that you are addicted to alcohol, it is wise to seek help. Alcohol not only damages health, but it also damages relationships with friends and families. If you are having a problem stopping alcohol, then seek the advice of a medical practitioner.